Events Page


Main Public Events:

Easter Bank Holiday Saturday & Monday:

9 to 10/04/2023

May Day Sunday & Monday:

30/04 to 01/05/2023

Spring Bank Holiday Sunday & Monday:

28 to 29/05/2023

Sunday Event Fathers' Day:

Event Day Running:

WMR Gala Weekend:

17 to 18/06/2023

8 to 9/07/2023

22 to 23/07/2023

August Bank Holiday Sunday & Monday:

27 to 28/08/2023

Sunday Event Autumn Running Day:


Sunday Event Twilight Running Day:


For more Information about Museum open days please click hereBelow is a calendar showing our other running events of 2023:

Private Events

Enjoyed your day? Don’t worry! We are available for birthday parties or private events, including the running of a train. Please contact us for details.